An Outpouring of Love for the Mikaela Lynch Family

blog loveToday, the body of 9 year old Mikaela Lynch was found.  Like so many autistic children, she wandered off and was eventually drawn to water.  My heart breaks for her devastated family — who have since been the targets of cruel accusations from those who know nothing about how easily such a thing can and does happen to our children.

This could have been my child.

Please join those of us in the autism & special needs community on Monday, May 20th in writing a blog post (bloggers) or a Facebook status update (non-bloggers) in support of Mikaela Lynch’s family.

We want to flood social media with love for the Lynch family and those who have suffered similar losses — under the cruel scrutiny of media and those who judge without knowing of what they speak.

If you would like to be a part of this movement please share this event & help us get the word out!

1) We feel it is important to NOT use Mikaela’s image without the consent of her family, now that the worst has happened.
2) We also do not want to send free traffic to those who have – without cause – cast suspicion on her family and other families who have experienced similar tragedy. In voicing your support, please do not link to or reference the journalist directly. She’s had quite enough fun already.

5 thoughts on “An Outpouring of Love for the Mikaela Lynch Family

  1. Becky

    I am fairly certain I know which blogger you are referring to. I unfortunately stumbled across her ignorant ramblings when I was searching for an update this morning. The person I am talking about is actually replying to commenters, calling them the R-word. Oh my gosh. I have never seen anything like it! I commented that we can only hope she gets run over by the karma bus because only then will she learn the meaning of the word empathy. She is one of the most despicable human beings I have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with.

    I will join with you on Monday and send all of my love to the Lynch family. I know how quickly our children can slip away from us. It happened to me once and I can barely stand to think back to that horrible day. I was lucky and found my daughter within about 10 minutes. I am so very sorry that the Lynch family didn’t have the same outcome. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare and I am lifting the entire family up in prayer.

  2. Lynne Pardi

    My heart is broken for the Lynch family. Such a terrible loss! My own autistic son climbed out a first-floor window many years ago, when he was little. I looked for him, saw the open screen, and instantly knew. Panicked, I raced down the street, screaming his name. I found him in a neighbor’s yard, thank God. In tears, I hugged him and we started back towards our house. This particular neighbor had a pool in her yard, and she came out and told me sharply that I ought to do a better job watching my child! She said she didn’t want to “find him floating in the pool someday!” I muttered an apology and headed home with my little boy. People who don’t have an autistic child, or at least know one pretty well, just don’t understand! I can still feel the sting of that woman’s judgement and her cold remark. Even typical kids wander off sometimes, and it’s always dangerous; but, our autistic kids are far more apt to wander and often lack a sense of what is dangerous. We cherish our kids and do our best, but sometimes it still happens. I was just lucky– I know that. God bless and comfort the Lynch family!

  3. Shelly

    It is unconscionable that someone would attack this family while they are in the midst of this tragedy and devastation. My heart and prayers go out to the family. I know their sweet angel is in the arms of Jesus. Maybe…just maybe, that blogger will see the love of Jesus in this situation and have a radical, total heart change. One can only hope…..

  4. Krystal

    I’m with you on Monday – this is a tragedy and still heartbroken…they have suffered enough – they need love, support, and healing.

  5. kristina

    This is absolutely horrible. My heart is breaking for this family. My own son has wandered and bolted…just a second!!! He was naked in his rubber boots he wanted candy at the store. So he just walked off to get it! Crossed the main street witnesses said he was almost hit by a car…walked into the store and opened candy to eat it. Meanwhile jaws dropped. And I was FRANTIC! I cannot begin to imagine what this family is thinking and feeling. Mikaela has touched my heart reminding me to make sure my gate is locked and the chain is on the door.

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