Does My Child Have Autism/Aspergers?

People write to me and ask me this question. But I am not a medical expert.  The only person who can diagnose autism is a doctor, likely a developmental pediatrician.  However, there are resources online you can use to help you decide whether or not to consult your doctor.  Here are some:

These were designed by the Autism Research Center at the University of Cambridge.

1.  An online screening for toddlers via Healthism.

2.  An online screening for primary school aged children.

3.  An online screening for teenagers.  This is for use in kids aged 12-15.

4.  First Signs - This site is great for parents of very young children and contains the M-CHAT, a quick screening you can take to your doctor.

5.  So You’re Wondering If Your Child Might Be Autistic - my own post regarding warning signs of autism in young children.

3 thoughts on “Does My Child Have Autism/Aspergers?

  1. I have a 27 year old stepson who is autistic. I know he was in some special classes in school & he graduated from high school, but I have only been married to his dad for two years. He has never gotten any special services since school & I think he should be eligible for SSDI but don’t know how yo begin going about it. He is very shy in social situations unless he is playing his keyboard & singing which he can do in front of large crowds. It is a special talent he has had for years without being taught music etc. He is on an antidepressant, but we have no medical insurance for him & as he just moved in with us from another state I have no clue how to go about helping him getting help. He wants to work & has filled out several applications for jobs, but he has not worked in 5 years & the only two jobs he’s had were grocery sticking, clean up type jobs. I just need some idea how to go about getting special services for him….PLEASE. I have searched the Internet but do not know where to go.

  2. My son is 8, but was diagnosed with mild autism at age 4. He’s been showing more and more signs of aspergers. Should I get him re-evaluated for aspergers?

    • Quite honestly, diagnoses of either “mild autism” and “Aspergers” will get you the exact same interventions and- for practical purposes -basically mean the same thing. There are some who would argue against that, but the prevailing view is that these terms – along with “high functioning” are so similar that the distinction matters little. In your shoes, I’d keep my diagnosis and simply continue with the therapies and interventions you are already doing. The treatment won’t vary at all. :)

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