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Cool Apps for Autism: Touch Trainer

Touch Trainer is a great app.  It was the very first app I chose for our son after making the choice to try an iPad with him.  Touch Trainer does one thing – it trains someone lacking in communication and fine motor skills how to properly touch and make a choice on a touch screen.  Prior to using this app, our 2 year old autistic son swiped, slapped, and scratched at the iPad.  Without being able to point (a common developmental delay for autistic children and a Red Flag), Callum would not be able to use many of the nifty apps designed for him.  I started the app and – cue the violins – Callum was mesmerized.  I had to show him the first couple of times what would happen when he correctly touched the large square image on the screen.  (It began dancing all over the screen to music.)  Callum then began to pull my hand toward the iPad to see more of this dancing square.  I used hand over hand to make him choose the image for a couple of minutes.  I was soon able to pull my hand back to touch his wrist, and then elbow, until he was finally able to do it on his own.  (Amusingly, he spent several minutes insisting I touch his other arm, innocently believing that he couldn’t do it without that particular form of assistance.)  Within 15 minutes, Callum was able to use a touch screen to achieve a desired result.  That is rudimentary communication, folks.  Yep, I teared up on the spot.  Highly recommended.

Touch Trainer is $6.99 in the App store.  You can get it here: