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Dear Superintendent of Schools

Mrs. __________’s Note Home








To:  The Superintendent of Schools
Subject:  Mrs. __________’s Note Home
CC:   Mrs. _____________, the School Principal, the Director of ESE, school district administration, all School Board Members
BCC:  Flappiness Is, Facebook, Twitter, the Internet

Dear Superintendent:

Congratulations on your recent election to the office of Superintendent of Schools for our county.

I know that you have been in office just a few days.  And I am positive that right now everyone wants something from you, questions answered, or to elicit your support for their personal concerns.  I am happy to say that I do not need for you to do anything for me.  Well, not at this time anyway.

What I would like to do is draw your attention to one of the 9000 employees of your district.  Her name is Mrs. _____________, and she teaches at ________________ Elementary.   Mrs. ___________ is my son Callum’s teacher. Continue reading at Childswork/Childsplay Blog…