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Video Worth Sharing: “Recognizing Glass Children” by Alicia Arenas

(You may have noticed that there is no actual video on this post.  That’s because I’m too cheap to pay the $60 my host requires for me to imbed it on my blog.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love WordPress.com.  They host hundreds of thousands of blogs for free, so you really can’t blame them for trying to make a little money.  But I’m too cheap, so you’ll have to actually reach for the mouse or trackpad and click.)  

Click to watch Alicia Arenas' TED Talk.

If you are the parent of both a special needs child AND a typical child, you need to watch this amazing TED Talk by Alicia Arenas – “Recognizing Glass Children”.  If you are a teacher or know a family with both typical and special needs kids, you need to watch it as well.  This is powerful.  It is about the psychology of being the sibling of a child with special needs and how it is in that sibling’s nature to pretend everything is okay inside – when it is not.  This clip is 20 minutes long, but it might just make a huge difference in the life of a “glass child”.   I’m so glad I saw this while my typical daughter is still so young.