Prayer for the IEP

praying-hands-in-close-view_2247878Lord, this day means so very much.  This is the day decisions are made that will impact this special needs child’s life.  Some of those decisions will be good.  We might fail in others.  We will keep trying.  We will keep believing. And we will continue advocating. Today, we ask for:

 Calm – so that we may hear one another and communicate effectively.

Truth – for, without it, we cannot set a correct course.

Focus – so that we may avoid distractions and meet our goal.

Compassion – to acknowledge the needs of others.

Wisdom – to recognize when we need help and/or more information.

Strength – so that we may speak up for what is right.

Flexibility – to seek solutions that will benefit – first and foremost – the child.

Resolve – to carry out the plan we make, even when it becomes inconvenient.

ieptableAnd most of all…

Faith – in this child and our belief that he can learn and that we will make a difference.

May our minds and hearts remain open today –and we remember to place this child’s needs ahead of our own.

In this we pray.  Amen.

9 thoughts on “Prayer for the IEP

  1. Alison

    I am a teacher. I hear you. I embrace your prayer. Here is my prayer as I go into an IEP meeting tomorrow morning.
    I ask for….
    Calm – so that I may hear each person and communicate effectively.
    Truth- to help us set a correct course.
    Focus – so that I may avoid distractions to help this child and this family.
    Compassion – to understand the needs of this child and the struggles of his family.
    Wisdom – to recognize when I need help and/or more information.
    Strength – so that I can stand up and advocate for what is right.
    Flexibility – to find solutions.
    Resolve – to carry out this new plan for the next 365 days.
    And most of all…
    Faith – in this child, this family, and my belief that together we will make a difference.
    May my heart and my mind remain open.
    In this I pray. Amen.

    1. Carrie

      From one teacher to another, this is perfect. May I use it in my office so I can look at it while I am working?

  2. Keegan Sluis

    hello this is Keegan again from the Sluis academy. That was a very motivational post. Your prayer is heart felt and really showed the passion you have for your child. I hope all goes well with your IEP meeting.

  3. Kate

    I love this! And perfect timing. I have my first ever IEP meeting on Friday afternoon to see if my son Cooper can get into the school district’s developmental preschool. I am nervous, overwhelmed, scared. etc. My son is usually less than cooperative during evaluations and I spend the whole time sweating and holding my breath and trying to tell myself that this is going to be okay. **Sigh** Thanks again. I will be reading this on Friday!

  4. Bethany @ Puzzled No Longer

    I hope the meeting went well. :-)

    As a teacher, and a special needs parent, I’ve seen IEP’s go well, and I’ve seen IEP’s go the other way. I always come to my daughter’s meetings geared up for battle, and then they end up going VERY smoothly.

    It’s a stressful process, especially in the beginning.

  5. Judith B

    With a family member on the autism spectrum, and a friend whose son has bipolar disorder, I know all too well how important IEPs are. Normally I ask for the highest good for all concerned when I pray, but for IEPs I ask for the highest good for the child. Hoping all went well for your son.

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