My Autism Live Interview

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Shannon Penrod of the internet TV show Autism Live in California contacted me last night to invite me to be on the show to discuss my blog letter to Joe Scarborough.  My segment is at the 1 hr, 15 minute mark.  Special thanks to Shannon for an easy and pleasant live interview experience.  Please click on the image to see the clip.  :)

4 thoughts on “My Autism Live Interview

  1. jimreeve

    Very well spoken. You are definitely the voice of reason and i love your blog. I think that as a parent, your parenting style is very close to mine. And it’s nice to hear your voice because it gives more life to your blog. Now when I read your posts, I’ll be able to hear you read it to me in my head. Strange I know, but to me it’s great.

    1. Profile photo of FlappinessIsFlappinessIs Post author

      Thanks, Jim! Now that I’ve seen it, I hear me too. I hear my pronounced southern accent that I’m in continual denial about. lol

  2. Jim Reeve

    I love your accent. But I understand the denial part too. SInce I’m Canadian, many people say that I have an accent, which I also deny.

    1. Profile photo of FlappinessIsFlappinessIs Post author

      Well, thank you. Too often, Southerners are portrayed as backward imbeciles who can’t manage to find their way home at night after drinking moonshine and tipping cows. lol I’ve never been good at detecting Canadian accents, perhaps because I live too far away to hear them often enough. Although, I know the Nova Scotian one. My grandmother’s parents were Nova Scotian and could do a fair impression. :)

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