“Yeah, but this is a group of people who understand heartache.  Folks like that aren’t the type anymore to get overly upset or judgmental about things that don’t really matter.  They know the difference too well.”

-My Dad  (upon hearing me remark about the incredible degree of acceptance and good sense I’ve recently discovered about the special needs parenting community)

12 thoughts on “Cool Quotes: My Dad

  1. Sandy

    I love this quote so much I had to share it with my friends. Your dad rocks! Thanks for sharing. The quote hits the mark with me so well. Nothing phases me anymore and I have learnt not to sweat the small stuff. My autistic boy taught me that directly and indirectly. The quote sums it up perfectly.

  2. Jen

    I just decided your dad is AWESOME! It’s great that there are people so understanding and non-judgmental, who can accept what you’re going through and just “be there”.

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