Cool Apps for Autism: Color Dots

This is another really nifty little app that does one thing very well.  After using the Touch Trainer app to teach our son how to interact with a touch screen, this is the app we moved to next.  It starts with one little dot moving around the screen.  The child is supposed to pop the dot by touching it with an index finger.  Each screen then progresses to include more moving dots.  It’s really cool for encouraging little ones to use a touch screen properly, and it also is great for eye-hand coordination.  It can also be used to practice turn taking and joint attention.  Our son loves this app, and it has proven a lifesaver when out in public in a waiting situation.

I opened this app in his therapist’s waiting room one afternoon.  Suddenly, I had the attention from a little boy who had been all the way across the room.  Though I don’t know his diagnosis, he was clearly on the spectrum as well and non-verbal.  He walked right up and began joining in with my son popping the bubbles.

This is a great little app at just 99 cents.

10 thoughts on “Cool Apps for Autism: Color Dots

  1. Alienhippy

    Oh wow I love it. I LOVE colours that’s why I paint a lot. I like to squirt paint.
    I was SO into my ATARI as a kid, yes I was one of the first gamerholics.
    My teenage son has an app on his mobile that is a similar thing to popping bubbles.
    He will sit and squah ants on his android. :)
    He is studying advanced maths at college, numbers have always been his thing.
    This game seems to help him relax.his, mind is always thinking ahead.
    I suppose it’s a big aspie boys version…hehe
    Thanks for the post and I will pass this on to my sis who has two little lads on the spectrum who will love this app.
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx :)

      1. Alienhippy

        Thank you my lovely, yep I’m such an Aspie…I SO LOVE knowing this.
        I have found my species you see…. hehe
        Or so I will say now…
        “I am Aspie-happy, I’m a multi-coloured Rainbow and I turn negativity upside down!”
        Shhh….don’t tell anyone but Curious George is my inspiration!”
        He’s such a curious little monkey and SO very colourful. 😉 xx

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing!! My 5 y.o. with ASD LOVES the Ant Smasher game. It is on my phone, my husband’s phone AND our Motorola Xoom. It is how he decompresses after his ABA therapy sessions…also acts as a reinforcer for positive behaviors.

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