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“So, I guess I’m writing this now to tell the autistic people who are reading this that I, too, am not your enemy. I am not afraid of autism; I do not hate autism, and I can help bridge the gap between our two groups. I want to learn from you, and I want to stand beside you as you fight for your rights. You are my child’s future and I want to help you as you make the world a better place for yourselves; and for him.”

-Jillsmo (on the contentious and painful growing divide between autism self-advocates and parent advocates)

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“Yeah, I know what you mean, Mommy. I really like her stories, but most of the time I feel like she is inside four walls of brick and I can walk around and around them but only she has the key to the secret doorway.”

Lucy -(Daughter of Bobbi Sheahan, author of “What I Wish I Knew About Raising a Child with Autism”) upon her mother explaining to her that it sometimes feels as if she has to reach around the autism to get to her younger daughter

“Yeah, but this is a group of people who understand heartache.  Folks like that aren’t the type anymore to get overly upset or judgmental about things that don’t really matter.  They know the difference too well.”

-My Dad  (upon hearing me remark about the incredible degree of acceptance and good sense I’ve recently discovered about the special needs parenting community)