Autism Apps

Touch Trainer ($6.99) – a simple app for teaching how to use a touch screen – especially for those with pointing difficulties.

AutismApps (FREE) – an app database of apps designed for and useful to persons with autism.  Broken into categories.

Color Dots (.99) – a simple app that helps with eye-hand coordination, turn taking, and joint attention.  Have fun popping bubbles.  Mesmerizing!

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10 thoughts on “Autism Apps

  1. We are just getting ready to launch a new tool to help kids practice social conversations. I’d love your opinion on this please visit the demo page of Mobi-RolePlay we are open to feedback from anyone and would love additional ideas on various scripts to write for development levels and conversations that you’d like to see added.

  2. For those students struggeling with organization and writing cohesive paragraphs then essays, I highly recommend Kidspiration! Great graph organizer.

  3. I can really recommend an app called Silk. I find it really helps me when I’m on the edge of a meltdown. The symmetry, music and colours really are really soothing to the autisticly stressed brain. :)

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